up's and down's


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Once upon a time..

A little snowflake created in heaven,
proudly sparkling floating around,
didn’t know her profession, nor 
where to go or how to ground.

She loved to dance with her companion,
his name was ‚Wind‘, once told her ‚Jack Frost‘,
no way too far, he were always there to listen,
pushed her back up, whenever she felt down and lost.

Surrounded by millions of others staying on their own,
rejected by hearts cold as ice,attention always calls for a price,
when everyone wants to wear uniqueness as a crown,
not knowing,comparison ends where personality arise.

After several attempts not to stay alone,
she left sadness ready to discover new adentures,
brave she decided to make it on her own,
before unhappiness indelibly enters.

Suddenly ‚Wind’s‘ brother ‚Storm‘ appeared
attacked all snowflakes in their safe well-being,
torn apart, the wheel of change left them feared,
that no one will freeing them from this awfully feeling.

But then something beautiful lit up the sky,
Wind’s‘ sister ‚Sun‘ showed up to rebound,
helpfully calmed them by staying for a while,
leading snowflake a path towards to the ground.

Happily singing ‚iam alive‘, on her face a relieved smile,
Strenghtened and grown she felt great inner peace,
snowflake started to dance again on her final mile,
this time gracefully elegant moving on with ease.

Landing on earth she whirled one last gentle round,
then went straight, transforming into something great,
waiting on her, mother’s nature most beautiful gown,
welcomed her duty, that is to brighten up a day.

Finally home she found what was missing,
reunited with the others, oh‘ what a nice feeling,
cuddling, laughing, hugging and kissing,
all became one as a huge glimmering cealing.

Now she noticed what was present all the time,
her journey was ment for to be a joyful ride,
never alone, but a part of an uniquely design,
to become what was always predetermined.

Peggy Gardot

[verfasst November 2018 – vollendet Dezember 2020]

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