A story of a snowflake

Once upon a time..

there was this little snowflake, uniquely created in heaven, she was one of a kind, proudly sparkling at the beginning of her time, not knowing where she will arrive. She loved to dance and soon she found a great companion, his name was Wind and he were always there to listen, supportively he pushed her back up, whenever she felt down and lost. She saw millions of others who looked alike, so she became restless, reaching out hands to compromise. But, no one didnt recognize her, ignoring her good will, because everyone were so busy with sparkling on their own. After several approaches, still separated floating, deciding to make it on her own, and ready for exploring. Unexpectedly, ‚Wind’s‘ brother ‚Storm‘ showed up, he attacked the little snowflakes, disturbed them in their lonely being. Torn apart and thrown together, she got afraid not knowing if she will surviving, rejected and pushed around, awfully feeling, she almost lost her mind. When Storm left her behind intimidated, something radiant beautiful lit up the sky, calmed her shaking with a warming smile, Wind’s‘ benevolent sister ‚Sun‘ has arrived. Purposely helpful, leading snowflake a path, so she could contuine her journey with a relieved smile,and without any stress. Strenghtened and feeling at peace, she started to dance again, gracefully and elegant, moving on with ease. While landing on earth, her joyful dancing tunred into a lovesong, fullfilling her destiny being transformed into mother’s nature most beautiful gown. She felt in this moment, something magically were about happen, realizing her duty, that is, following her passion, to brighten up a day. Feeling home and happy now, after this uncertain journey, she finally got reunited with the others, whom she felt so close to right from the beginning. She now noticed what was present all the time, she was never alone, but an important part of a uniquely design, becoming what was predetermined.

The happy End..

Peggy Gardot



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