Invest in your woman


A good woman will be your equal in every way
listens and supportively she decides to stay
she is spending her precious time with you
and wants to be pretty, only for you, every day.
To her you are the only one
She will never judge from day one
She accepts everything about you
is your best friend, being honest and true.

She is bringing the best out of you to be stand out
is strong and trustworthy without a doubt
She allowed you to be a part in her life
Even through suffer she will never give up and fight.
She is raising your kids with a responsible mind
is your peace and a guide through hard times
She will never put you behind and
got your back like a partner in crime.
And You?…
You invest your time and attention in someone else
A grown man acting boyishly, thinking about yourself
Risk peace and her true love for what’s not real
For you she means nothing, and this ’someone‘ the world.
Taking your woman for granted and put her aside
You decide to live a life in lies
selfishly support your own truth
choose an illusion than fighting for what’s right.
You please and hunt for someone else
not conquering your woman you cause nothing but tears
Treating her like a marionette instead
Only when she’s gone you suffer and regret.
Forever.. Alone..
Sometimes, also a woman takes the lead
Let him down, don’t appreciate and cheat
She fools him by her insecurities
putting her longings before his needs.
But one day he get the final lucky chance
meeting a woman with principles and advance
But he just don’t see it and stick with the ol‘
To live an illusion what is so much more secure.
He push this special woman away
Her loyalty and worth to trust
lost and tangled up in a cabaret
with someone who did hurt him so much.
Invest in your woman, even through crisis
A good woman is rarely and priceless
Don’t risk to lose for only a moment of light
Cuz she’s the best investment you can have in your life.


Peggy Gardot



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